Discover the Future

Bitcoin SKR has reimagined the core algorithms to empower every miner, championing a truly democratic network.

Our innovative features are tailored to simplify your daily crypto transactions.
And with a spotlight on security, privacy, and smooth interoperability, Bitcoin SKR is setting a new benchmark in the blockchain world.

Discover the Future

Our Vision

We amplify security, scale seamlessly,
and ensure equal opportunities for all mining enthusiasts.

New Mining Approach

We’re adopting a subscription-based model,
backed by the trusted Proof of Work mechanism.

Security and Scalability

Our core aim is to build a network that’s not only safer but can also grow with ease.

Fair Reward for Miners

Our unique lottery system for miners promises exciting rewards. With the looming potential of ASIC-mining, we seek to balance the mining power.

Deep Dives & Refinement

From adjusting our hash functionality to examining our foundation, we’re all about ensuring fairness and security.

Join Our Evolutionary Journey

Upholding the Promise


Enhanced security, while your details remain private


Zero-Knowledge Proof inspired security features and algorithms


Versatility in managing different cryptocurrency assets

Empowering Miners

Minimum Stake

Commit a minimum fee in Bitcoin SKR to participate, which deters malicious actors and enhances network security

Transaction Fee Rewards

Earn fees from processed transactions and new coin rewards for maintaining the blockchain

Lottery Rewards

Rewarded with a unique NFT-driven lottery, granting periodic crypto payouts and providing incentives for miners

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